VN Engineers has been performing construction inspection services for 36 years. As a WBE/DBE firm, we can quickly provide you with project support services personnel including secretaries, inspectors and senior inspectors. We provide a broad range of construction related services which include construction management, project cost estimating, scheduling, project controls and design build services. We work closely with owners and designer professionals to meet the challenges of project schedule, budget, and safety. Our construction services group has a growing list of very satisfied, new and repeat customers.

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  • This project will upgrade the Parkway from the Greenwich / Stamford town line, easterly approximately 6 ½ miles, to just beyond the South Street overpass in New Canaan. The existing guide rail will be replaced with Merritt Parkway Guide Rail (a steel backed timber railing). The existing rock ledges close to the roadway will be evaluated, and if warranted, will be cut back or shielded with either the Merritt Parkway guide rail or concrete barrier. A single unit concrete curb and gutter system will also be installed along the grass median. Numerous bridges, located within the project limits, will require minor cosmetic work (various parapet work, graffiti removal, surface and crack repairs to concrete, fencing, overlay, etc). VN Engineers is providing construction engineering and inspection as well as construction support services for this project. Estimated Cost of Project: $57,000,000
    VN Engineers was a subconsultant to Jacobs Engineering on this project. Contract HH-80 consisted of the replacement of the Lower Level Deck and the installation of an AASHTO compliant bicycle path on the Henry Hudson Bridge, which is a two level fixed steel arch structure. The project scope included inspection of the following project objectives: South Approach (Bents 1 to 8), Steel Supported Span (Bents 8-21), North Approach (Bents 21-39). These objectives encompassed such activities as the installation of a new concrete deck, installation of galvanized steel structures and the replacement of curb stringers. General inspection of the furnishing, testing, and installation of concrete, bearings, under deck protective shielding and platforms were included in this project. Also included was the inspection of the furnishing, fabricating and installation of the new bridge drainage system, an armorless joint system, and the new safety shape barriers. Proper inspection of all electrical work and abatement of LCM were also part of this project.
    The New Haven Rail Yard Component Change Out Shop, State Project No. 301-106 is part of a program called the New Haven Rail Yard Facilities Improvements Program. The purpose of this program is to transform the existing Rail Yard into a fully functional facility that provides for efficient and effective storage, dispatching, inspection, maintenance and cleaning of an increasing fleet of rail cars. This Component Change Out Shop portion of the program will provide a new maintenance shop for the repair and maintenance of the 300 cars electric commuter rail fleet on the New Haven Rail Line. VN Engineers is providing Estimating and Construction Inspection Services for this project. Responsibilities include the inspection of piping for drainage, HW & CW, vent piping, air and gas along with the monitoring of activities at the Water Treatment Facility, and Environmental Health Safety personnel. VN Engineers also performed construction surveying, soil density testing and non-destructive testing on concrete and steel members. Other duties included monitoring pile driving operations (500 plus piles, 16 in x 16 in precast pre-stressed concrete piles) along with the Installation/Relocation of various existing utilities.

    The Grand Central Terminal Leaks Remediation project  repaired water leak infiltration from surrounding buildings, streets and sidewalks into the Grand Central Terminal complex which is vulnerable to water leakage from rain, melting snow or subsurface water sources. It  consisted of the viaduct roadway resurfacing, and the 45thstreet bridge façade work.  The project also improved the 100-year-old Grand Central Terminal water proofing protection system.  VN Engineers provided construction engineering and inspection services for this project.