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Reaching The Community-Website Development

VN Engineers recognizes the importance of involving the public in the exchange of information when conducting roadway work or improvements to transportation facilities and services. We define public involvement as two-way communication aimed at providing information to the public and incorporating the views, concerns, and issues of the public in the transportation decision-making process. The public provides input on transportation needs, community concerns and environmental considerations. 

Our Public Involvement team utilizes in person meetings, weekly newsletters and dedicated websites that inform the public on the project scope and allow the public to voice comments about the overall project. 

In line with our mission to improve the lives of the communities we serve, we build websites that inform and connect with the motorists and pedestrians linked to construction projects.   Below are a few examples of websites we have built:

New Haven’s Downtown Crossing Project, Client: HNTB

The City of New Haven’s Downtown Crossing Project is an infrastructure project that is transforming the Route 34 corridor in New Haven (commonly referred to as the Oak Street Connector) from expressway into urban boulevards designed for pedestrian and bicycle use, as well as low-speed motor vehicle traffic. 


Arrigoni Bridge Project, Client: FIGG

Work on the Arrigoni approach spans consists of replacing the bridge decks, superstructure steel upgrades and repairs as well as substructure repairs to improve the overall structural capacity, reliability and integrity of the bridge. Additionally, a new protective fence system ranging in height from 8 to 12-feet, will also be installed on both the approach and main spans as part of this project. Construction activities will be completed in three separate stages in order to maintain traffic flow through the project limits while providing the contractor with adequate space to efficiently complete construction. In each stage, Rt. 17/66 traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction with the use temporary precast concrete barrier (TPCB). TPCB is expected to be in place for a maximum of 540 days.

I-84 Improvements Project, West Hartford, Client: Urban Engineers 

The purpose of this project is to provide safety and operational improvements to address concerns with congestion and traffic operations on I-84. Improvements include adding an additional lane on I-84 WB between Exits 39A and 43, and between Exit 40 and 41 on I-84 EB. Bridges over Berkshire Road and Ridgewood Road Westbound will be widened or replaced. For more detailed information please visit the About the Project page.