Charleston Bus Depot, Staten Island, NY

The new Staten Island MTA bus depot design-build project consisted of a building with a footprint of approximately 81,000 SF equipped with facilities for the service and maintenance of buses including bus fueling, bus washing system, bus revenue extraction system, maintenance bay area with 16 dedicated lift workstations and an automated parts retrieval system, with Green design (DfE) elements including a bus wash water reclamation system that utilizes site storm drainage water, as well as energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. The project also included installation of 13 underground tanks with associated containment piping for diesel fuel, fuel oil, motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid dispensing and waste systems with two oil/water separators. Site work included an employee parking area for 196 cars and an elevated bus parking area large enough for 220 buses with a pedestrian bridge to connect the bus parking area to the 2nd floor of the building. Over 3500 LF of sheet/king pile retaining wall was driven to completely enclose the 11-acre site perimeter and to provide the structural wall support needed for the elevated bus parking area.  The facility also offers a lunchroom, men’s/women’s locker rooms, game room & clerical offices.  VN Engineer’s responsibilities included inspection services during construction.  Some of the responsibilities included monitoring the construction contractor to ensure compliance with Construction Contract Documents and the daily preparation of inspection reports. 

Farmington Avenue Sewer Separation Project West Hartford, CT

Project involved the survey and inspection of both residential and commercial buildings along Beverly Road and Arnoldale Road. The surveys and inspections were conducted internally and externally and consisted of all plumbing, downspouts, area drains, catchbasins, drywells, driveways, storm drain piping, storm water collections systems and other drainage systems.  The development of a mailing database was necessary to organize all data collected and to coordinate inspections with residents of Beverly and Arnoldale Roads.  Collected data includes interviews with residents, survey data and the building sketches which depicted all sewer and drainage systems.  This field data was utilized to develop a new storm sewer system that is separate from the existing combined system.

NYSTA – TANY 04-037A Construction Inspection Services for Reconstruction of Interchange 17, Part 2

VN Engineers worked as a subconsultant to Jacobs Engineering for the Reconstruction of Interchange 17, New Facilities; Maintenance Building; Maintenance Garage; Storage Building; State Police Building and Toll Facilities at MP 60.10.  Phase II included locating ramps to link 1-87 to 1-84. This phase constructed six new buildings including maintenance buildings, two salt sheds, two toll plazas, a toll plaza building and NYS trooper barracks. The project included demolition of all existing buildings on site and relocating all utilities. Areas of inspection included concrete, masonry, structural steel, metal deck/roofing.  The inspection of concrete included ground conditions, construction of form work, steel reinforcement and embedded items. VN Engineers verified the concrete was within specifications called out in design mix and proper consolidation during placement.  VN Engineers monitored protection and curing and inspected the masonry, mortar, type of grout and the reinforcement called out in approved drawings.  Verified placement of structural steel and weld types and inspected placement of roofing materials, blocking, curbs, rigid insulation and the thermoplastic membrane called out in approved drawings. VN Engineers responsibilities also included observing and correcting conditions that would have been responsible for accidents, keeping accurate records, inspecting the construction of buildings, and structures and determining that the construction complied with approved plans and/or applicable codes and ordinances.  VN Engineers also maintained a work log, took photographs, filed reports and acted on inspection findings.  Used survey instruments, metering devices, tape measures, and tested equipment in carrying out inspections. 

Staten Island Courthouse, Staten Island, NY

This project consists of the construction of a new +/- 180,000 gross square feet 5-story courthouse with an adjacent +/- 690 space 4-story Parking Structure in downtown St. George. The Courthouse will contain 14 courtrooms (5 Criminal, 6 Civil, 3 Lower) with Department of Corrections holding cells for 54 prisoners.  VN Engineers provided fire and safety inspection services and is currently providing construction support services for this project.

UCONN Health Center Farmington, CT

VN’s objectives with this project are to support the project teams in delivering & maintaining high standards regarding document and record management.  To administer document control processes and maintain user friendly electronic filing systems and documentation.  VN’s responsibilities include providing document control support for BioScience CT projects, liasing with project teams to understand scope and phasing of document control requirements, providing support to project teams in generating and updating documents utilizing agreed templates and processes, managing document release processes to client databases, ensuring appropriate document review and approval signatures are obtained by document owners and a pdf document is linked to the relevant location in the databases, maintaining electronic copy records of document review, approval sheets and key documents for archiving/future reference.  VN’s responsibilities also include developing and maintaining electronic filing systems for project teams and working with teams to ensure subcontractors and resale suppliers are providedwith relevant information in a timely manner and ensure records are maintained to provide and effective audit trail.

New Haven Rail Yard Component Change Out Shop State Project No. 301-106

The New Haven Rail Yard Component Change Out Shop, State Project No. 301-106 is part of a program called the New Haven Rail Yard Facilities Improvements Program.  The purpose of this program is to transform the existing Rail Yard into a fully functional facility that provides for efficient and effective storage, dispatching, inspection, maintenance and cleaning of an increasing fleet of rail cars.  This Component Change Out Shop portion of the program will provide a new maintenance shop for the repair and maintenance of the 300 cars electric commuter rail fleet on the New Haven Rail Line.  VN Engineers is providing Estimating and Construction Inspection Services for this project.   Responsibilities include the inspection of piping for drainage, HW & CW, vent piping, air and gas along with the monitoring of activities at the Water Treatment Facility, and Environmental Health Safety personnel. VN Engineers also performed construction surveying, soil density testing and non-destructive testing on concrete and steel members.  Other duties included monitoring pile driving operations (500 plus piles, 16 in x 16 in precast pre-stressed concrete piles) along with the Installation/Relocation of various existing utilities.

West Haven Railroad Station West Haven, CT State Project No. 106-116

The project consists of the construction of a new railroad station located between Railroad Avenue and Hood Terrace in West Haven, Connecticut.  Construction includes the following:

A station building, pedestrian bridge, elevator and stair towers and two 1,080-foot long covered platforms.  Surface parking lots, which will accommodate 658 cars.  Site improvements including installation of drainage structures, new pavement, earth retaining structures, exterior stairs and walkways, fencing and railings, site signage, line striping, curbing, landscaping, exterior site lighting and traffic signalization.  Environmental work including work with polluted soils and groundwater.  Installation of new auto-tensioned catenary system over an existing non-electrified track.  Modifications to the existing catenary system and structures.  Relocation of existing railroad feeders and ground wires onto new United Illuminating transmission poles.  Installation of wayside Railroad signal equipment covering a distance of approximately six miles along the Metro-North New Haven Line mainline.  Furnishing and installation of signal and auxiliary power transformers and a complete snowmelter system.  VN Engineers provided construction engineering and inspection services for this project.