QM-40/QM-18, Rehabilitation of the Tunnel Walls, Roadway and Manhattan Exit Plaza at the Queens Midtown Tunnel

The Queens Midtown Tunnel (QMT) is a vehicular tunnel running under the East River and linking Long Island City in Queens with midtown Manhattan.  Both North and South tunnels are more than 6,000 feet long and carry two lanes of traffic. In October of 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused major flooding in both North and South tunnels that damaged the tunnel, ventilation buildings and the systems within. This project will consist of the replacement, rehabilitation or upgrade of tunnel structural elements, tunnel finishes, drainage, fire standpipe, lighting, traffic control, security, emergency egress and communication systems.  Other aspects of this project involve the rehabilitation of the concrete base slab, sidewalk and gutters, repaving, repointing of retaining wall, and the installation of a drainage system in the Manhattan Exit Plaza.  VN Engineers responsibilities on this project include providing electrical inspection services.  (View Project Sheet)

George Washington Bridge Capital and Operating Construction Program for 2015-2024 New York and New Jersey

This estimated $1.03 billion state-of-good-repair and improvement project will replace the bridge's 592 suspender ropes, rehabilitate all of the span's main cables, replace the north and south sidewalks, and provide enhanced pedestrian and bicycle access ramps at the world's busiest vehicular crossing. As part of the project, construction crews will install state-of-the-art smart bridge technology on key elements of the span, including the new suspender ropes, to monitor their condition and warn engineers of any changes before they become a problem. The new suspender ropes also will be fitted with modern sockets with a connection point at the top of the beam. This keeps the socket cleaner and makes it easier to maintain, resulting in a longer life cycle. Additional elements of the project include replacement of roadway lighting on the main span, new sidewalk lighting on the main span, and replacement of necklace lighting with a new energy-efficient programmable LED light system.Cyclists and pedestrians will see significant improvements to their travels across the span. The current pedestrian sidewalks and access points on both sides of the George Washington Bridge will be completely reconstructed and access ramps will be built to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. VN’s responsibilities include estimating and construction engineering and inspection services and is a subconsultant to Greenman Pedersen Inc. for the Port Authority of NY and NJ

Construction Contract HH-80, Lower Level Deck Replacement Henry Hudson Bridge

VN Engineers was a subconsultant to Jacobs Engineering on this project. Contract HH-80 consisted of the replacement of the Lower Level Deck and the installation of an AASHTO compliant bicycle path on the Henry Hudson Bridge, which is a two level fixed steel arch structure. The project scope included inspection of the following project objectives: South Approach (Bents 1 to 8), Steel Supported Span (Bents 8-21), North Approach (Bents 21-39).  These objectives encompassed such activities as the installation of a new concrete deck, installation of galvanized steel structures and the replacement of curb stringers.  General inspection of the furnishing, testing, and installation of concrete, bearings, under deck protective shielding and platforms were included in this project.  Also included was the inspection of the furnishing, fabricating and installation of the new bridge drainage system, an armorless joint system, and the new safety shape barriers.  Proper inspection of all electrical work and abatement of LCM were also part of this project.

Resurfacing, Bridge and Safety Improvements of I-95 from Plains Road to Marsh Hill Road, Milford, CT

VN Engineers, Inc. provided construction engineering and inspection services to Tectonic Engineering for the resurfacing, bridge and safety improvements of I-95 from Plain Road to Marsh Hill Road, Milford, CT.   VN was responsible for the inspections of the Concrete Pavement Replacement, including Field Testing, and generate MAT-100 on "Site Manager."  Inspections of the Bituminous Concrete Pavement including Field Density Testing, and computing Random Numbers.  Bridge Deck Inspections for Installation of waterproofing membrane, Asphalt Plug Joint, Pressure Relief Joint, Removal of Bituminous wearing surface, Partial Depth Patches, and Deck Sounding.  Inspections of the Back filling of Soils, Pavement Safety Markings, Road Side and high Mounted Signs and Inspections for Milling operations.

I-95 Ramp H Flyover New Haven, CT

VN Engineers provided construction engineering and inspection services for the I-95 NB to Route 34 WB ‘Flyover’ Bridge (Ramp H).   This project also included the reconstruction of the Route 34 WB Bridge over Brewery Street, Abutment 1 for Bridge No. 00172 and three retaining walls. The work also included roadway improvements on I-95 NB and SB in the Long Wharf area, required to shift traffic onto the new Ramp H fly-over structure and open Ramp F to 2-Lanes of traffic. The Long Wharf improvements included relocation of the Interchange 46 ramps to the south along I-95, construction of an operational lane on I-95 SB from I-91 SB to Interchange 45, and widening of Bridge No. 00166 (I-95 over Long Wharf Drive Extension).

Merritt Parkway Resurfacing, Safety and Bridge Improvements, Fairfield & Trumbull, CT

VN Engineers, Inc. is currently provided construction engineering and inspection services to prime consultant, STV on this Merritt Parkway Resurfacing, Safety and Bridge Improvements, Project Numbers 50-204 and 144-180.  This project consists of the Resurfacing of the Merritt Parkway, both Northbound and Southbound along with safety and bridge improvements from Congress Street to the Route 8 interchange.  This stretch of the roadway is approximately 9 miles long.  Safety improvements included:  Shoulder widening, the replacement of existing guide railing with Merritt Parkway Guide Rail, the removal  of trees and rock ledges too close to the roadway, and the installation of a single unit concrete curb and gutter system along the median.  Project 50-206 involves replacement of Bridge No. 743 over Mill River.


Construction Administration and Inspection Services for Replacement of T-48 Roadway Wearing Surface at the RFK Bridge, Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and Bronx, NY

VN Engineers worked as a subconsultant to STV for the Replacement of the T-48 Roadway Wearing Surface at the RFK Bridge.  This project consisted of the complete removal of T-48 overlay, Rosphalt 50 and existing patches of Bridgemaster overlay, cleaning and preparation of the metal deck and the installation of the Bridgemaster overlay.  The project also involved the installation of thermoplastic pavement markings, maintenance and protection of traffic and the cleaning of the exposed steel to a minimum of SSPC SP-10 Near-White metal Bast Cleaning.  Other aspects of the project involved making sure the surface profile was in accordance with ASTM-D4417 and the application of bond coating in accordance with the specification and manufacturer’s recommendation. VN Engineers, Inc. provided Construction Inspection Services for the Second Phase of this project.  Responsibilities included the inspection of the installation of Methyl Methacrylate Polymer Slurry Overlay being applied to bridge surfaces.

Replacement of the Sikorsky Bridge Over Housatonic River, Milford/Stratford, CT State Project No. 83-216

VN Engineers is currently providing construction engineering and inspection services for this project.  Contract E, located in New Haven, consists of the reconstruction of the I-95/I-91/Route 34 Interchange to accommodate lanes from the new Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Q-Bridge) and improve interstate-to-interstate travel. The project extends 1,600 meters (1 mile) along I-95 from the western project limit at Interchange 46 (Sargent/Long Wharf Drive) to the eastern project limit at approximately East Street, and 1,100 meters (3,500 feet) along I-91, between Ivy Place and Route 34. The reconstruction will provide three travel lanes on I-95 through the Interchange and elimination of the left lane exit and entrance ramps and provide a two lane connection to I-91. Included in the reconstruction are twenty one new or modified bridges and twenty one retaining walls. To be more specific, I-91 over Chapel Street, I-91 over Wooster Street on-ramp to I-95 northbound, multiple crossings over Water Street, Route 34 westbound over Brewery Street, and I-95 over Canal Dock Road. Sargent Drive, from Canal Dock Road to Brewery Street will be realigned. Looping ramps adjacent to Sargent Drive/Brewery Street will be removed. Water Street, from East Street to Brewery Street, will be widened to two lanes in each direction. The Wooster Street on-ramp to I-95 north will be retained. Full shoulders, a new median barrier, drainage, signing, and lighting will be provided throughout the project.

VN-80B Replacement of the Upper Level Deck of the Suspended Span of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge

The scope of work for this project includes the removal of existing upper roadway deck and barrier, installation of new upper level orthotropic deck overlay, drainage systems, sign structures, lighting, barriers, MPT, and miscellaneous utility work.  VN Engineers will be providing construction support services for this project.

Putnam Bridge Rehabilitation Glastonbury & Wethersfield, CT State Project No. 0053-0175

This project consists of the rehabilitation of the Putnam Bridge, which carries Route 3 over the Connecticut River between Wethersfield and Glastonbury and over Great Meadow Road in Wethersfield. The four-lane bridge opened in 1959 and is 2,393 feet long. On an average day, the bridge carries 54,200 vehicles. The project consists of steel and concrete repairs; painting of structural steel; replacement of the center median barrier and the north and south parapet barriers; the addition of a sidewalk on the south side of the bridge; replacement of the existing bridge bearings and bridge joints; and the milling and resurfacing of the bridge deck.