September News

VN Engineers Wins CSCE ACE Award For Transportation Management Plan

VN Engineers was challenged with researching and addressing various issues with the Lake Avenue and West Street Corridor that are very important to the City of Danbury and its’ surrounding region. The Lake Avenue – West Street Corridor, which is classified by ConnDOT as a principal arterial, is a major feeder road for I-84 as well as a major route to Danbury’s Downtown area.

The purpose of this study was to prepare a systematic assessment and prioritization of Lake Avenue and West Street transportation corridor needs, such that a well-organized final plan of implementation would be available for use in future funding prioritization for design and construction projects.

For this study, existing conditions information was obtained and reviewed including accident data, land use, and traffic volumes. Traffic volume data from the past 12 years was reviewed in order to project existing traffic volumes in the corridor to the future 2032 design year for additional analysis. An evaluation of the roadway network was performed which included capacity analysis and a review of roadway geometry and traffic control devices. The signalized intersections in the corridor were evaluated using SYNCHRO and estimated delays, volume to capacity ratios, and Levels of Service were reported for existing, 2032 “no-build” and 2032 “recommended” scenarios. The low clearance railroad bridge, located over West Street contributes to major operational, safety, drainage, and maintenance issues in the corridor. Solutions to alleviate some or all of the issues at this location were considered and discussed. Access management, along with pedestrian, transit, and bicycle accommodations were also reviewed and recommendations were made for improvements to improve mobility in the corridor for all modes of transportation. Recommendations to address safety, functionality, and aesthetics were all selected to complement each other and provide an updated vision for the corridor. The landscape architecture firm of DALA (Didona Associates Landscape Architecture) also participated on this study and provided a vision of the streetscape design and landscape architecture along the project.



Expanded Services with Video and Web Site Production

Based on the needs of key engineering/architectural clients and state agencies, VN Engineers has expanded services to include high-quality video production and website development.  Whether you are looking for a video to summarize a project, fulfill a community outreach effort or highlight an element for a project pitch, VN Engineers can help you with all your video and website efforts. 

Educational Videos (Single and Multiple Series Formats)

Corporate Videos

Public Outreach Videos

Project Summary Videos

Project Website




August News

VN Engineers Partners with Parson Brinkerhoff on Grand Central Terminal Leak Remediation Project

The Grand Central Terminal Leaks Remediation project will repair water leak infiltration from surrounding buildings, streets and sidewalks into the Grand Central Terminal complex which is vulnerable to water leakage from rain, melting snow or subsurface water sources. It will consist of the viaduct roadway resurfacing, and the 45th street bridge façade work. The project will also improve the 100 year old Grand Central Terminal water proofing protection system. VN Engineers is providing construction engineering and inspection services for this project.

Construction Supervision and Inspection

 Water Proofing 

Roadway Resurfacing

VN Engineers Wins Construction Inspection Project in Florida

In partnership with Kimley-Horn VN Engineers is working with the City of Boca Raton on a Local Agency Program (LAP) that is designed to landscape the intersection of Glades Road and I-95.

Scheduled to start in September and last multiple months. VN Engineers is providing a Senior Inspector to oversee the entire project.

Construction Inspection 



Expanding GIS Mapping Services Across Multiple States

At VN Engineers our Geographic Information System (GIS) technology provides the tools for creating, managing, analyzing, and visualizing the data associated with developing and managing infrastructure. Our GIS  civil engineering group manages and share data and turn it into easily understood reports and visualizations that can be analyzed and communicated to others. This data can be related to both a project and its broader geographic context. It also helps organizations and governments work together to develop strategies for sustainable development and supporting all phases of the infrastructure life cycle.

VN Engineers provides a full array of GIS services in CT, NY, FL, RI:

GIS Mapping and Data Collection

Utility Infrastructure Modeling

Sign Management